So you’d like to purchase a gift for moi? Oh you’re too kind. Whenever you purchase a gift from my Delivery Code list you’ll be earning credits towards higher level tiers or bonus content! Beyond that- every gift comes with a few photos of me enjoying whatever you bought for me. Clothing? See it on and off. Body lotion? Best time to apply is after a shower! That sorta thing. Some of the larger items come with their own set of extra perks as well- just check the item description. Some photos will be scantily clad, some will be full NSFW. Just depends on the quality of your purchase.


View my Delivery Code Wishlist HERE

So how do these credits work? Well for $10 you get 1 credit. I’ll keep track of your Credits in your membership profile and will let you know when you reach a new Credit Rank(at 3, 6, 9, etc). These can be redeem for an upgraded tier, bonus content, etc. If you really wanna get the goods- purchase gifts to get a membership and reap all the extras(photos, video, etc) that come along with it!

Credit Breakdown:

3 Credits = Basic “Nomad” Membership(6 mo) -OR- “Tourist” Membership(3 mo)
6 Credits = “Tourist” Membership(6 months) -OR- Free Bonus Content Set(photos only)
9 Credits = 4 months “Jet Setter” Membership -OR- Free Bonus Content(photos & video)
12 Credits = Private Burlesque Act emailed to you; You can choose from a list of songs
15 Credits = Private Burlesque Act emailed to you -OR- Get 6 months of Jet Setter level perks

So will you save your credits for that Bonus Content and just keep your basic Tourist Membership? Or maybe you’d like to get a private show? Maybe you’d rather have it all right now in which case you can continue to upgrade your Membership level and then take all the bonus content! The choice is yours. So head over to my Wishlist and see what you’d like me to show off and take off!

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